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prase sisters prase!!1


im 19/f/wv usa n i got pregnent

at first i wuz all mad n liek OMG (i hoep its ok just 2 use g*ds initishal) U F*****ER IM NOT GONNA HAFF THIS BABY B4 IM OLD ENUFF 2 DRINK!!1

but then he started tellin me bout how there was a little tiny baby in my uteris w/ a big smilly face n a sine that sez i <3 u mommy that n he sed hed nevar talk 2 me agin :((

im glad to find this comunity since evrybody always gits on my case about not goin 2 skool anymore n werkin @ micky ds n livin n circumcized housin n all that shit

but i no im doin gods werk razin babys (liek paster bob sez) n i still haff teh <3 of my lief :))
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