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I'm new here, and i wanted advice on how to deal with a situation. I woke up at 6 am this morning to get everything ready before work, and there was a MAN in my kitchen doinjg my dishes. He was cleaning my kitchen from top to bottom

I feel dirty and violated. I think I may need to turn to drink.
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You are such a troll. Men do NOT do dishes or clean. What are you trying to pull??
I know! I couldn't belive it! I tried dragging him away from the kitchen but he wouldn't let me. I almost had a nervous breakdown. However, i think *looks around to see if anyone can see* he might be gay or something..... *looks shocked and chagrined*

I can't think of any other excuse. Now, he's just a firend who was staying over, and he said he wanted to help us out for letting him stay, cooking, etc, but It felt so wrong. I mean, isn't that my duty?
uh-oh. a gay person touched you?

I think that can make you gay. I recommend bathing in the baptismal font.
Oh goodness. I never thought of that
Start drinking anyway.
I think that is the best advice. Thank you

If you had taken care of your womanly duties the night before as you were supposed to, this never would have happened.

Remember, you should never go to bed angry, or with a dirty dish in the sink.
Yes. You are right. I wonder if the Lord can forgive me?
What are you doing working? No true woman works.

NOw, go try that on RObin! Teehee! I mean, i understand...
1. Clean before you go to bed.
2. That man is a sinner for washing and cleaning, doubly so if you are living in sin with him.
3. Drink, and get on your knees and pray while doing it. I'll have my whole church pray for you!
I know! I know! It just reinforced my sense of failure and worthlessness. I am a failure as a woman.

And no, i am single, and do not live in sin. This man was staying on my couch, and my brother was home to act as a proper chaperone (I live with him, as a single woman would be shameless to live on her own).

Oh the shame
It's okay, forgiveness can be found since the Lord is merciful. You may have to humble yourself to this random man who did your dishes, however. What can you do to utterly degrade yourself before him?