Beens (mmm_donuts) wrote in stepford,

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Uter'us'. Not uter-you!

Ladies, this community has been a little submissive for a while and for that, I am pleased! I imagine we're all too busy for this anyway, as our partners demand our attention and sometimes, someone to get their small delicate fingers into that faulty toaster when sparks are flying from it.

Anyway, I came across this. My neighbour (one of these hairless, 'career' types) said it was a lovely idea to 'celebrate' our fertility. Well, with the permission of my SO, I was furious! These knitted wombs are empty, and they are posed in positions far too empowering for my liking! Where are the creamy/white lovable foetuses to stuff inside them as an alternative Christmas stocking? I have a good mind to replace her birth control pills with tic-tacs.
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