Jane (pure_jane) wrote in stepford,

Holiday Problem

I was hoping you could help me with a shopping problem. Christmas is coming and all my thoughts have turned to getting the perfect holiday gift for my man, at least all those thoughts that aren't already occupied with looking pretty for him, cooking, cleaning and agreeing with whatever he says.

But here is my dilemma. How can I, a humble, helpless woman, possibly buy a gift for him without his guidance? First, how am I supposed to shop alone? I'm sure my simple, feminine mind will become distracted by all the shiny holiday baubles, but even if I manage to avoid that pitfall, won't the vast array of available products just confuse me? The whole idea of making a decision by myself just makes my mind spin, but if he tells me what to buy, doesn't that take away some of his pleasure on Christmas morning? And isn't his pleasure my sole reason for being?

I've turned to the Bible for assistance, but alas, even the story of the birth of Jesus and the gifts of the magi was no real help. My man is allergic to frankincense; I got him a big bag of myrrh last. year, which he doesn't use, and I cannot possibly purchase something gold without express permission to spend that much of his hard-earned money.

So what can I do? How are you girls able to submit to your husbands' will during the holidays, without them knowing it?
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