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Mel Gibson's *Passion*

Sisters in Christ, imagine my surprise when my man said he wanted to take me to Mel Gibson's 'Passion' movie. Now normally we only go to the movies when there is a new Angelina Jolie movie, or when the Britney Spears movie came out. And I don't even watch the movies, because I am too busy feeding my man popcorn, or making sure other people are quiet so he has a pleasant viewing experience. So when he mentioned seeing this 'Passion' movie, I was utterly surprised, and feared my man might be stepping into the sin of homosexuality (though of course I wouldn't chastise him for it, after all he is a man). But then I found out that this movie is about, you know, Him. (Jesus, not Mel.) Let me tell you, ladies, I am looking forward to seeing Jesus get all passionate. Though I hear the Jews aren't too happy about this movie. Well, they probably just have savior-envy.
So, gals, let's all get our men to take us to this movie! We can bring aborted-fetus pictures to hand out to any hairy-legged feminists who might be at the theater to see an evil Harry Potter movie or something. (I cannot stress this enough, people: Harry Potter=Satan! The Devil wears round glasses!)
See you all at the movies! Praise Him!
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